Thursday, June 23, 2011

Assad's regime solely to blame for brutality

Hassan Shibly, Tampa Tribune, June 23 2011
Regarding "Children of a lesser God" (Other Views, June 19):
The notion that any culture or religion gives less value to the life of children than other cultures is completely ludicrous and the definition of bigotry and ignorant, convenient ethnocentrism.
James Zumwalt's column basically argues that Muslim parents and Arab parents do not value the life of their children as much as parents of other faiths and cultures. His support for that argument? The fact that the repressive murderous Syrian regime has tortured and killed Syrian children and that other regimes in the Middle East have used children in war.
What Zumwalt conveniently does not mention is the murderous Syrian regime is not even of the Muslim faith and that it has indiscriminately killed people of all religions, genders and ages.
In essence, Zumwalt is basically blaming the victim, saying the secular Baath Socialist regime is torturing and killing Muslim children, as well as about anyone else who speaks for freedom and justice, because the Muslim culture does not care for its children...

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