Friday, June 17, 2011

Message to the Community: Importance of Friday

Asalam Alikom,

Jumuah (Friday) is the day of gathering for Muslims world wide. It gives us an opportunity to interact and exchange thoughts and ideas; remember our Creator; and unite as a community. In the Middle East, it has brought people together to call for freedom, democracy, and justice. In the past few months, the thoughts and ideas exchanged on Jumuah has lead to the downfall of oppressive dictators and a call for the protection of human rights and dignity.

Thus just as Muslims world wide gather together to reflect and worship every Friday, we thought it important to provide weekly updates of important news concerning Florida Muslims every Friday. It is critical we as a community stay informed and know what is happening around us. We must stay vigilant in protecting the liberties and rights that make America a wonderful nation. We can only do that when we are aware of what challenges our community and the community around us face. Only though knowledge can we bring about a positive change. Thus it is our hope that this weekly update will provide the Florida Muslim Community with important information about news that may have a direct bearing on our lives. Only when we as a community are aware of and understand the challenges we face can we together address the challenges and ensure our country remains the just and free nations we so cherish. The first step to empowerment is knowledge. Please take the time to read through the weekly updates and forward to your friends and family.

Waslam Alikom,

Hassan Shibly

CAIR Florida

Tampa Executive Director

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