Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Muslim files discrimination suit against Pricewaterhousecoopers

By TOM BRENNAN | The Tampa Tribune 

A former employee of auditing giant PricewaterhouseCoopers is suing the company, saying he was fired three years ago because he was Arab, a Muslim and critical of the firm's diversity hiring practices.

Issam Azziz, 38, filed his employment discrimination and retaliation lawsuit today in U.S. District Court.

"What happened to me shouldn't have happened to any other person," Azziz said. "I am suing so no one else will have to feel this pain."...

..."This country was founded on the principle that no one would be treated differently because of their religion or race," said Hassan Shibly, executive director of the Tampa chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations. "There is no room for discrimination in our country or Tampa."

Shibly and Ahmed Bedier, a civil rights and community activist, stood with Azziz and his attorney Peter Helwig at a press conference called after the lawsuit was filed.... (Read full article)


  1. I have worked for PwC Tampa couple years ago, and I agree there is discrimination against minorities,and there is a lot of favoritism. I feel very bad for Mr. Azziz and what he endured from PwC and I hope that justice gets served!

  2. I have worked for PwC Tampa as borowed staff years ago, and I agree there is discrimination against minorities and there is a lot of favoritism. I feel very bad for Mr. Azziz. They have a Partner named Andrew Rey who is an extremist Catholic and hates muslims. He serves on the board of a Cathlic school. Go get them Mr. Azziz.

  3. I am a Muslim female wearing a headscarf and recently interviewed for PwC internship. I know that I was well qualified for the position and felt extremely confident about the interview process. Unfortunately I was denied the position and have no idea what I did wrong. The pool of candidates were not all as experienced as me and was still denied.