Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Muslims must denounce terror, while Islamophobes get a pass

NEIL STEINBERG, Chicago Sun Times
The terrible attacks last week in Norway — a bombing, some 70 young people slaughtered at a summer camp — at first seemed the work of an al Qaeda-type group. Norwegian Muslims felt the need to denounce the terror.
And then, no, never mind, not an Islamic terrorist at all, but a home-grown, blond-haired, blue-eyed Norwegian nut job obsessed with the growth of Islam in Europe.
So ... can we expect the Islamophobe crowd to behave in the fashion they demand of others? Will Newt Gingrich denounce this atrocity? Will he say that while he supports fear-mongering and casting casual slurs at entire groups of people based on the actions of a few, that he doesn’t go the next step and support the random murder that his brand of corrosive fear so obviously can lead to?
Had the killer been Muslim, this attack would be presented as significant, as evidence of something, by whoever opposes the next local mosque — and someone always does. So why does the fact that this butchery came from the fearful not reflect upon them? (Read Full Article)
Wasted effort, I know. Recognizing unfairness is the first step toward unraveling it. If their minds could go there, they wouldn’t think the way they do to begin with. Next time, when there is some act of terror committed by Muslims, and the Islamophobes — who choose to base their perceptions of the faith solely on such attacks — slyly wonder why, why, why the local mosque isn’t holding a parade against it, you can ask them why they weren’t condemning Anders Behring Breivik?
And they will give you a blank look of incomprehension, or say, no, no, no, a different matter entirely, he’s a fringe lunatic, and you can’t judge us by his actions, even though we judge other people in precisely that unfair way

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