Thursday, September 15, 2011

American Muslims Anti-Radicalization | Jewish & Muslim Understanding

Muqtedar Khan | Huffington Post:

A US Department of Justice study about Muslim American radicalization, conducted in 2010 by researchers from two North Carolina universities, argued that terrorism actually committed by American Muslims was surprisingly low. They attributed this low number to the anti-radicalization efforts of various Muslim communities and mosques in the United States. This in-depth study not only reassures law enforcement agencies that the fear of Muslim radicalism in America is overblown, but it also underscores the reality that US mosques are allies in the struggle against extremism -- not a source of extremism as some right-wing pundits and politicians insist....

Finally, there is an interesting sub-story in this report, especially for those Muslims who believe that all Jews are "out to get" Islam and Muslims. According to the Gallup poll, American Jews more than any other group recognize the prevailing Islamophobia and prejudice against Muslims in America. In fact, 80 per cent of American Jews, next only to American Muslims (93 per cent), believe that American Muslims are loyal to America. Of all religious communities, Jewish Americans are least likely to believe that American Muslims might be Al Qaeda sympathizers. Both Muslims and Jews in America also have very similar views about the Arab-Israeli conflict: 78 per cent of Jews and 81 percent of Muslims support the vision of a Palestinian state coexisting alongside Israel.

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