Tuesday, November 1, 2011

GOP candidate's email says Islam is 'not a religion'

By WILLIAM MARCH | The Tampa Tribune 

Scott Barrish, a Republican candidate for Hillsborough clerk of circuit court, has stirred up a fuss with an email to an Islamic group saying Islam is not a religion but an anti-American, totalitarian ideology "littered with human rights violations."
Barrish signed his email as a member of the Hillsborough County Republican Party executive committee, prompting a rebuke from county party Chairman Debbie Cox-Roush.
"He was absolutely in error using his title as a member of our committee – he does not speak on behalf of the Republican Party or Republicans across Hillsborough, and I have told him that," Cox-Roush said today, after a conversation with Barrish.
Cox-Roush said she expects no further party action on the matter...
..."Am I opposed to Islam? Absolutely!" He wrote in an email.
Barrish equated Islam to communism, and said the U.S. should take the same approach to Islam it did during the Cold War. He said because it is not a religion, it doesn't deserve the protection of constitutional freedom of religion, but didn't advocate banning it because, "You can try to ban something, it will never go away."
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  1. Islam is indeed a religion, but it's far more, a total world domination political ideology that's an archenemy of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. That's why the U.S. must eventually face this and stop Muslim immigration and seek to reverse it.

    Fly with the eagles.