Monday, January 30, 2012

Students & Media Disgusted by Caton's Attack Against Muslim Speaker

No brainwashing exercise
In regards to "Board chided about Islam" (Metro, Jan. 25): I am a student in Dr. Kelly Miliziano's AP World History class at Steinbrenner High School. I attended Hassan Shibly's presentation on Islam and found it perfectly appropriate, as it tied into our study of the post-classical era. I don't feel like I was being converted and certainly don't feel I was being "brainwashed."
I'm not sure if this so-called Florida Family Association is serious or just really stupid. It turns out this fundamentalist organization has a messy history of anti-Islamic messages. David Caton, founder and president of the FFA, goes as far to say, "Folks, we are watching Islamization of America in action."
Here's the problem: Caton can't get it through his thick skull that Shibly doesn't have the intention of converting or brainwashing us. Now, apparently, Caton wants to send some of his followers to spew a counterargument to Islam. Ridiculous. There's a fine line between preaching and teaching. If ignorance is bliss, then Caton must be the happiest man in the world.
Daniel Krasnove

In Hillsborough, a voice of reason in defense of learning world's religions

By Sue Carlton, Times Columnist
In Print: Friday, January 27, 2012 [ Full Article]
School board meetings tend to be dull if necessary affairs, filled with proclamations, test score talk and the latest lineup of principals. (Stifle yawn here.)
But at a meeting of the Hillsborough County School Board this week came a Serious Moment of Truth out of an elected official who spoke up for education and showing kids what's out there in the world. You could even say she rose up righteous.
As is tradition around here, the controversy du jour was ignited by fear and misinformation and the flames fanned by our own in-house cast of moral crusaders. You know, the ones who have a direct line Upstairs. Just ask them...[ Continue Reading Full Article]

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