Monday, February 27, 2012

CAIR Condemns Call for 'Bible Burning' at CD 23 Candidate Karen Harrington's Restaurant

Kenric Ward| February 25, 2012 | SunShineStateNews| [Original Article]

"...A posting on Craig's List called for a "Bible-burning" Saturday at a restaurant owned by a South Florida congressional candidate. But the event fizzled...The posting invited attendees to "Bring your own Bible …TO BURN," and said "all believers in Allah are welcome...." [Read More]

"...The Council on American-Islamic Relations immediately disavowed any knowledge of the event, and quickly denounced it. "I have no idea who's behind it, but there won't be any Muslims there," said Hassan Shibly, CAIR's Florida director..." [Read More]

"..."We don't engage in Bible burning. It's completely beneath us," said Shibly, noting that Florida Muslims did not burn Bibles after Gainesville pastor Terry Jones burned a copy of the Quran..." [Read More]

" demonstration developed and no Bibles were burned at the restaurant..."
 [Read More]

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