Tuesday, February 21, 2012

NYPD spied on Muslims all over Northeast USNearly 400 miles west of Manhattan, the New York Police Department descended on the City of Buffalo.

February 21, 2012 | RT.com/USA/News | [Original Article

"Nearly 400 miles west of Manhattan, the New York Police Department descended on the City of Buffalo. It was a rough Buffalo winter in January 2009 and three NYPD officers wanted to speak to local authorities. They wanted to know more about students at the University at Buffalo..." [Read More]

"...Based on that information — that Muslim students and professors had been involved in academic activity at a state school — the NYPD urged authorities in Buffalo to assist in an investigation. There were no reports of wrong-doing among the faculty, staff or students. There was nothing, really. One day, reports the AP, a University at Buffalo student received an email about an Islamic conference in nearby Toronto, Ontario, forwarded the info to a group of Muslims at the college and, somehow in the process, her correspondence was intercepted eight hours away by the NYPD..." [Read More]

"...The Associated Press has uncovered previously unpublished documents and top-secret files that show that, sometimes in conjunction with the CIA, NYPD officers engaged in clandestine surveillance of Muslims in the greater New York City region..." [Read More]

 "...Both the City College of New York and the University at Buffalo have publically expressed that they do not condone the behavior of the NYPD. A spokesperson with UB adds that the school were never approached by authorities and decries in an official statement that the institute “does not conduct this kind of surveillance, and, if asked, UB would not voluntarily cooperate with such a request.”“As a public university, UB strongly supports the values of freedom of speech and assembly, freedom of religion and a reasonable expectation of privacy,"..." [Read More]

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  1. There might be some merit in spying on followers of a belief system that promises eternal reward to those that spread Islam. Historically there appears to be disproportionately little in a way of Islam's peaceful dissemination.

    I understand that it might take a sword to persuade someone to believe into a divine revelation that entails someone traveling into the sky on a donkey. But as sympathetic as I am towards