Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Poll on American's Attitude Towards Muslims

By Mr. Minority | mrminority.blogspot | August 11, 2006 | [Original Article

"...A USA Today/Gallup poll taken late last month shows that Americans are very leary of Muslims.... [Read More]

"9 percent said the U.S. should require Muslims to carry a special ID, and 57 percent believe they should undergo more intensive security checks at airports."

"39 percent said they "have at least some feelings of prejudice against Muslims,” 59 percent said they did not, and 2 percent had no opinion."

...There is NO friggin' way would I agree with the "special ID card" stupidity. This idea smacks of Fascism. We still enjoy personal freedoms in this country and to require Muslims to carry ID cards is an affront to ALL Americans that hold the ideals of this country sacred. As for having a Muslim as a neighbor, no problem, as long as they don't sympathize with the extremists...

...I have no problems with Muslims, as long as they are law abiding and loyal to America, not the extremists..." [Read More]

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