Friday, February 24, 2012

When 'studying while Muslim' is probable cause

By Dean Obeidallah | February 22, 2012 | | [Original Article]

"...(CNN) -- First, there was "Flying While Muslim." This expression summed up the extra challenges of being an American Muslim when flying on commercial airlines..."Dress white, make your flight. Dress brown, never leave town.But now there is something new: "Studying While Muslim." And there is nothing funny about it..." [Read More]

"...The New York Police Department has been engaged in the weekly surveillance of American Muslim college groups...including New York University, Yale, Rutgers and the University of Pennsylvania..."[Read More]

"...The NYPD also sent an undercover officer on a whitewater rafting trip organized by Muslim students at the City College of New York. The NYPD report indicates the students prayed four times a day and talked a lot about the nature of Islam. No mention if Muslims were good at whitewater rafting..." [Read More]

"...Apparently, to the NYPD, being Muslim equals probable cause..." [Read More]

"...Let's be brutally honest: If the NYPD were engaged in this type of widespread spying on any other religious, ethnic or racial group, the criticism would be deafening. However, because the case involves Muslims, the silence is deafening. There is simply no public outcry and little media coverage..." [Read More]

"...whites comprise 44% of New York City residents, but they make up only 9% of those stopped by the NYPD. But blacks -- who comprise 25% of New Yorkers --- represent 59% of those stopped and questioned by the NYPD.It appears that the use of skin color, ethnicity and religion as the basis for investigations is standard NYPD policy..." [Read More]

"...NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly needs to make it clear that illegal profiling has no place in his department..." [Read More]

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