Wednesday, March 21, 2012

When killer is one of us, we find excuses

By Glenn Greenwald | ChicagoSunTimes | Mar. 20, 2012 | [Original Article]

"...reports the Associated Press, summarizing it all...“The more complex picture included details on how Robert Bales was bypassed for promotion, struggled to pay for his house and eyed a way out of his job at a Washington state military base months before he was accused of the horrific nighttime slaughter.”...

...Here’s a summary of the Western media discussion of what motivates Muslims to kill Americans: They are primitive, fanatically religious, hateful Terrorists...

...Those who attempt to understand or explain the act — they’re responding to American violence in their country; they’re traumatized and angry at the continuous deaths of Muslim children and innocent adults; they’ve calculated that striking at Americans is the only way to deter further U.S. aggression — are immediately accused of mitigating, justifying or even defending terrorism..." [Read More]

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