Saturday, April 7, 2012

Tea Party Members Threatens Genocide of Muslims

Caton & Kemple Supporter Says He Will Kill All Muslims
Tea Party Member & Militia/Weapons  Enthusiast wants to "evaporate" Muslims

After David Caton's Florida Family Association offered a $2,000 "bounty" for information on speaking events involving Muslim leaders, America's largest Muslim civil rights organization received a threat of genocide against Muslims from a supporter of David Caton & Terry Kemple. Caton & Kemple have been leading anti-Muslim witch-hunts at the Hillsborough County School Board with the acquiescence of board member Dr. Stacy White. CAIR's investigation of the threat has revealed that the sender of the threat is an active Tea Party leader & militia enthusiast. Members of the Tea Party have actively been supporting the ant-Muslim, pro-censorship protests at the Hillsborough County School Board. The threat said in part:

"AMERICA learned all it needed to ever know about Islam... We will evaporate you, every single one of the vermin like you. WE all look forward to it with great anticipation..." 

The threat also made reference to  President Obama and the importance of guns. The FBI and the Secret Service have both been notified of the threat. 
CAIR Florida issued the following statement:

        "Such threats are not surprising, given that Caton & Kemple are working hard to demonize and dehumanize American Muslims.  It is also not surprising that it is coming from a member of the Tea Party which has regularly invited speakers that have justified the abhorrent terrorist attacks in Norway. Our fear is that the disgusting Islamophobia rhetoric from the likes of Caton & Kemple  could incite a homegrown Anders Breivik like terrorist attack. 
         We call on law enforcement to investigate these threats against Muslims just as they thoroughly investigate threats made by a person who happens to be Muslim. We wonder whether the author of the threat will become the subject of an FBI sting investigationas some misguided Muslims have. We call on Caton, Kemple, and Tea Party members to condemn such threats, as they expect Muslims to condemn every crime committed by a person who shares their faith. 
         We call on the Tampa community to say no to such hateful rhetoric that results in fear, division, and potentially violence."

Please immediately notify CAIR if you are aware of any threats against the community so that CAIR can work with law enforcement to keep our community safe!

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