Sunday, April 1, 2012

Terry Kemple is a Liar

Terry Kemple, who is leading the Muslim bashing effort during Hillsborough County School Board meetings, claims to the media that "we don't have a problem with Islam being expressed in a classroom by a speaker..."as he told Fox 13.

He claims, he does not have a problem with Islam, just America's largest representative of American Muslims--comparing groups that represent Islam to groups that represent pedophilia or the KKK.

However, his own words and the words of the Muslim bashers he brings with him to school board meetings, clearly show that Kemple is a liar, and indeed he has a problem with Islam and Muslims, not just America's largest Muslim civil rights group-In the video below, despite Kemple claiming "our concern is not with Islam," Kemple goes on a rant accusing Islam of being a threat to America:

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