Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wiretap Stats Decrease, But Don’t Go Celebrating Yet

By David Kravets | | July 2, 2012 | [Original Article]

"…The government has at its disposal a variety of methods to capture Americans’ communications and data without warrants or with super-secret national security wiretap warrants that aren’t covered in this report…

The government has many other tools to tap Americans’ communications, meaning the decrease in wiretaps could just be a statistical blip, or it could mean that court-ordered wiretaps are taking a back seat to other methods of warrantless, data extraction….

The data Google is coughing up includes e-mail communications, documents and, among other things, browsing activity, and even IP addresses used to create an account. And we suspect that an alarming amount of the data is being turned over without a probable-cause warrant. Google isn’t saying...[Read More]

In the United States, the law is so antiquated that a warrant is often not required to get Americans’ emails, and proposals to fix that have been met with silence in Congress.

So while it may be nice to see a significant drop in criminal wiretap orders last year, only the foolish would think there’s 14 percent less snooping going on."

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