Friday, May 3, 2013

Terrorists in the Military!

I just got off the phone with Brett Roark, father of Mike Roark. Mike and his girlfriend were executed by a Military Terrorist Group FEAR which planned to do many terrorist acts throughout the east coast and kill the president:

Last month, another one of the FEAR members was charged with killing his wife to collect insurance money to finance weapons for attacks from Georgia to Washington State: and

Apparently there is an ongoing investigation of FEAR in the military. 

Brad has two concerns: First, that based on what prosecutors have told him, he strongly believes there are still members of FEAR serving in the military, and second he wonders why the public is so focused on threats from the Muslim community, but very little attention given to a Military Terrorist Cell that murdered 4 people and was planning on committing terrorist attacks throughout the States and killing the president?

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