Past Speaking Events

 Rising to the Occasion
02/10/2018, CAIR-NJ Banquet, New Jersy
02/03/2018, CAIR-St. Louis, St. Louis MI
01/27/2018, Nurul Islam, Miami FL
01/05/2018, Community Center of Charlotte, Charlotte NC
12/09/2017, CAIR-MN Annual Banquet, Minneapolis MN
11/05/2017, CAIR-Alabama Annual Banquet, Birmingham AL
11/04/2017, CAIR-San Diego Annual Banquet, San Diego FL
04/02/2017, CAIR-DFW Dinner, Dallas TX
04/01/2017, CAIR-OK Annual Banquet, Oklahoma City OK
2/18/2017, CAIR-GA Annual Banquet, Atlanta GA 
Youth Overcoming Islamophobia 
02/04/2018, St. Louis Mosque, St.Louis MI
5/12/2017, FIU MSA, Miami FL
4/19/2017,  Darul Salam, Chicago IL

Combating Hate & Building Bridges
01/27/2018, Islamic Society of Brevard Open House, Melbourne, FL
1/21/2017, Humanists of N. Central Florida, Ocala Florida

Full of Hate: The Toll of Violent Extremism
01/25/2018, Institute for Strategic Policy Solution, St. Petersburg FL 
"Understanding Shariah"
01/23/2018, USF, Tampa FL

02/28/2013, USF Social Sciences, Tampa FL
"Islamophobia & Politics: How Islamophobia Affects us All"
01/22/2018, Hillsborough County Democrat's Club, Tampa FL
11/01/2017,  Hernando County Democrat's Club, Brooksville FL
11/29/2016, Canisius College, Buffalo NY
8/16/2016, Temple Terrace Rotary Club, Tampa FL
4/03/2015, Brandon Rotary Club, Tampa FL
6/19/2014,  Hernando County DEC, FL
5/28/2014, Women's Democrat's Club, Daytona Beach FL

Islamic Ethics and the Limits of Political Engagement
12/25/2017, ICNA-Atlanta, Atlanta GA

Muslims, #BlackLivesMatter & Race in America
12/24/2017, ICNA-Atlanta, Atlanta GA

Change, Acceptance and the Wisdom to Know the Difference

12/24/2017, ICNA-Atlanta, Atlanta GA

"Ramadan: A Reflection of Islam's Message of Charity & Preference to Others"
11/27/2017, UCF MSA Fastathon, Orlando FL
09/06/2011, MSA Fastathon Dinner Key Note,  USF in Tampa FL

Violence in the Name of Religion
10/26/2017, Ft. Myers Unitarian Universalist Church, Ft. Myers FL [Listen]

Jesus in Islam
10/09/2017,  University of Tampa Sykes Chapel, Tampa FL [Listen]

Bans and Bigotry: Maintaining Your Faith in the Trump Era
09/10/2017, Masjid al Rahman, Richmond CA

The Prophetic Response to White Supremacy 
09/29/2017, MCA Santa Clara, CA

Overcoming Islamophobia
08/05/2017,  Masjid al Iman, Belle Glade Florida
03/24/2017, ICA, Detroit MI
04/08/2016, CAIR-MO, St. Louis MO
1/23/2016, Bay County Islamic Society, Panama City FL
12/25/2015, ICNA South East, Atlanta GA
12/12/2015, CAIR Sacramento Banquet, Sacramento FL
12/11/2015. CAIR SFBA, SFBA CA
12/10/2015, Apple, SFBA CA
3/29/2015,  NAMCC, Austin TX
5/2/2014, Baymeadows Islamic Center, Jacksonville FL
 3/22/2014, Miami Gardens, Miami FL
 12/14/2013, Louisville Islamic Society, Louisville KY
12/07/2013, ICB, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Building Confidence and Moving Forward
7/01/2017, ISNA 54 Plenary Panel Discussion, Chicago IL

There is No I in Team
7/01/2017, MSA Annual Conference, Chicago IL

The Border and the Muslim Ban
06/22/2017, Georgetown Law Center on Privacy & Technology Color of Surveillance Conference, Washington DC

"Know Your Rights"
 05/05/2017, Islamic Society of South Florida, Pompano Beach, FL
04/22/2017, Islamic Society of South Jersey, NJ
04/16/2017, Bay County Islamic Society, Panama City FL
04/15/2017, Islamic Center of North West Florida, Pensacola FL
03/25/2017, ICD, Detroit MI
03/17/2017, Islamic Center of Cincinnati, Cincinnati OH
 03/11/2017, Masjid al Abideen, Queens NY
03/03/2017, American Muslim Community Centers, Longwood FL
02/16/2017, Muslim Community of Palm Beach, West Palm Beach FL
02/03/2017, Clifton Mosque, Cincinnati, FL 
12/16/2016, Daru-ul-huda,  Springfield VA
10/16/2016, Napes Masjid, Naples FL
7/23/2016, Masjid Hamza, Atlanta GA
7/22/2016, Masjid al Rahman, Atlanta GA
7/15/2016, Mashid al Sunnah, Orlando FL
4/22/2016, Masajid al Furqan, Tallahassee FL
2/6/2016, Al Hidaya Center, Albany NY
12/09/2015 New Jersey
12/08/2015, Maqasif, Allentown PA
10/02/2015, Masjid Maryam, Debary FL
9/18/2015, Masjid al Ihsan, Orlando FL
9/12/2015, Clermont Islamic Center, Clermont FL
9/11/2015, Clearwater Islamic Center, Clearwater FL
6/6/2015, Montgomery Islamic Center, Montgomery AL
6/5/2015 Huntsville Islamic Center, Huntsville AL
5/31/2015, Suwanee Masjid, Atlanta GA
5/31/2015, Augusta Islamic Center, Augusta GA
5/30/2015 East Cobb Islamic Center, Atlanta GA
5/30/2015 Al Hedaya Islamic Picnic, Atlanta GA
5/29/2015 Masjid Hamza, Alpharetta GA
4/18/2015, Nidaul Islam, Teneck NJ
3/20/2015, Masjid Salaam, SFBA CA
3/19/2015, Masjid Muhajireen, SFBA CA
3/15/2015, Masjid Al-Huda, San Diego CA
3/15/2015, Masjid Itihad, San Diego CA
1/02/2015, Binghimton NY
10/25/2014, Orlando, FL
8/22/2014, Jama Masjid, Buffalo NY
6/21/2014, St. Augustine, FL
6/14/2014, Bosnian Muslim Community Center, Jacksonville FL 
5/31/2014, Islamic Center of Charlotte, NC  
5/30 /2014, Islamic Center of Gasatonia, NC 
5/23/2014, Islamic Center of Brevard County, FL
5/17/2014, ICNEF, Jacksonville FL
4/05/2014, Islamic Society of Clermont, Clermont FL
1/31/2014, Masjid Ibrahim, Ft. Meyers FL 
1/17/2014, Islamic Center of Brevard, Melbourne FL
12/28/2013 ICNA Conference, Atlanta GA
12/06/2013, MJAM, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
11/09/13,  Islamic Community of SW Florida, Port Charlotte, FL
01/03/13,  Masjid al Khair, Youngstown OH
10/25/2013, UCF, Orlando FL
04/12/2013, Bay County Islamic Society, Panama City FL
10/21/2012, Jama Masjid, Orlando FL
10/06/2012, Aisha Center, Orlando FL
08/06/2012, Aisha Center, Orlando FL
08/03/2012, Masjid al Furqan, Merritt Island FL
08/02/2012, Islamic Center of Daytona Beach, Daytona Beach FL
06/30/2012, Islamic Society of New Tampa, Tampa FL
06/29/2012, American Muslim Community Centers, Longwood FL
06/23/2012, Islamic Society of North Pinellas, Dunedin FL 
06/09/2012, Masjid Al-Bir, Kissimmee FL
06/02/2012, Islamic Society of Sarasota and Bradenton, Sarasota FL
06/01/2012, St. Petersburg Islamic Center, St. Pete FL
05/19/2012, Islamic Center of Lakeland, Lakeland FL
05/04/2012, Muslims Association of Hawai'i, Honolulu HI
04/21/2012, Louisville Islamic Center, Louisville KY 
11/04/2011, Bosnian Community Center, Pinellas Park FL
10/31/2011, Hernando Muslim Community Center, Brooksville FL
10/02/2011, CAIR Tampa Community Forum, Tampa FL

The Story of Immigrants
04/19/2017, Muslim Methodist Dinner, Chicago IL

Our Future
04/08/2017,  Muslim Link Banquet, Baltimore MD

The Impact of The Muslim Ban Attempts on Civil Rights
03/29/2017, FAMU College of Law ACLU Forum, Orlando FL [Listen]

Growing Impact of Muslims on the Tampa Bay Economy
3/13/2017, Tampa Economic Forum, Tampa FL

Civil Liberties & The Trump Administration
03/07/2017, ACLU & USF Honors Panel Discussion, St. Petersburg FL [Listen]

"Challenges & Opportunities Facing American Muslim Youth"
  2/24/2017, Islamic Institute of Knowledge, Diamond Bar, CA
10/19/2016, Nurul Islam School, Ft. Lauderdale FL
10 /18/2016, USF, Tampa FL

Muslim Make America Great: The Role of Muslims in an Age of Rising Islamophobia
2/22/2017, ACLU Central Florida Annual Meeting, Orlando FL 

Importance of Media Engagement
2/17/2017, Sound Vision Program, Mynamar FL    

Honor Through Service
2/16/2017, Honor Society Induction, Boca Raton FL
Combating Hate & Building Bridges
1/21/2017, Humanists of N. Central Florida, Ocala Florida

Honoring the Legacy of Martin Luther King 
1/16/2017, Allen A.M.E. Temple, Tampa FL

Reflecting Mercy, Challenging Injustice
1/15/2017, Writers Resist, St. Petersburg FL

Loving God in Challenging Times
1/1/2017, Jami Masjid, Buffalo NY

Islam in the West
12/31/2016, Imams Council of WNY, Buffalo NY

 Do not Fear, Build Coalitions, Stand for Justice
12/24/2016, ICNA-GA Conference, Atlanta GA

Ending Islamophobia for the Next Generation
12/24/2016, ICNA-GA Conference, Atlanta GA

The 1st Amendment 
12/24/2016, ICNA-GA Conference, Atlanta GA

The Ring of Terror: Islamophobia in America
12/23/2016, TDC, Houston Texas (watch video here)

Community Town Hall: Flourishing in the age of Trump
12/02/2016,  ISONET, Tampa FL
11/13/2016,  Bay County Islamic Society, Panama City FL

"Growing up as an American Muslim"
10/24/2016 Windermere Elementary School, Buffalo NY

"Understanding CVE Programs"
10/22/2016,  ISNA Masjid Forum, Detroit MI

"Best Practices for Masjid Crisis Management"
10/22/2016,  ISNA Masjid Forum, Detroit MI

"Overcoming Islamophobia by Defeating The Enemy Within"
 10/21/2016, Ann Arbor MSA, Detroit MI 

"Muslim Make America Great: The Role of Muslims in an Age of Rising Islamophobia"
10/21/2016, Ann Arbor MSA, Detroit MI 

"Petals From The Prophet"
 10/20/2016, UCF MSA, Orlando FL

"Challenges & Opportunities Facing American Muslim Youth"
10/24/2016, Universal School, Buffalo NY
 10/19/2016, Nurul Islam School, Ft. Lauderdale FL
10 /18/2016, USF, Tampa FL

United in Defense of Civil Rights for All
10/15/2016,  CAIR-FL Annual Orlando Banquet, Orlando FL
10/10/2015, CAIR-FL Annual Orlando Banquet, Orlando FL

"Panel on Islamophobia"
 09/28/2016, Florida Coastal School of Law, Jacksonville FL 

Practicing Our Faith In Turbulent Times
04/15/2016, Mecca Learning Center, Baltimore MD
3/24/2016, Masjid al Rahman, Richmond CA
12/10/2015, MCC, SFBA CA

Religion and the Practice of Faith in Our Diverse American Society
04/14/2016, Interbay Rotary Club Panel, Tampa FL

Spiritual Based Leadership
04/09/2016, Ivy Muslims Conference, Yale University, CT

Misconceptions About Islam
4/04/2016, UCF MSA, Orlando FL

Proud to be American Muslim Youth
3/25/2016, MAS CYC, Sacramento CA
2/11/2016, UAB, Birmingham AL
2/5/2016, Al Hidaya Center, Albany NY 
10/31/2015, ICNEF, Jacksonville FL
10/09/2015, Aisha Cultural Center, Orlando FL
5/16/2015, CAIR-FL Youth Conference, SFL
3/14/2015, Masjid AlSalam, San Diego CA

Combating Hate & Building Bridges
2/28/2016, Jami Masjid, Buffalo NY

American-Islamic Relations in Today's Political Climate
2/25/2016, Pinellas County Democratic Club, St. Petersburg FL

"Islamophobia & Challenges Facing American Muslims"
01/26/2016, Argosy University, Tampa FL
02/13/2015, Dar al Jalal Islamic Center, St. Louis MO
11/28/2014, MAPS, Seattle WA
10/25/2014, Orlando, FL
06/07/2014, Gainsville Muslim Community, FL
05/16/2014, ICNEF Jacksonville, FL
3/06/2014, HCC, Brandon FL
11/20/2013, University of Tampa, Tampa FL (2)
11/13/2013, Ringling College of Art & Design, Sarasota FL (2)

 “Muslim Youth Leading The Future”
1/22/2016, Bay County Islamic Society, Panama City FL
12/25/2015, ICNA South East, Atlanta GA
10/31/2015, ICNEF, Jacksonville FL
8/01/2015,  CAIR-CA MYLP Workshop, Sacramento Ca 

Islam in the Media
1/20/2016, UF, Gainesville FL

Activism Brings Confidence
 12/24/2015, ICNA South East, Atlanta GA

 Caught in the Crossfire: National Security and Civil Liberties in an era of Surveillance and Profiling
10/31/2015, ICNEF, Jacksonville FL
10/12/2015, Florida Free Speech Forum, Gainesville, FL
6/13/2015, South Asian Bar Association Conference, Orlando FL

Islamophobia & Freedom of Religion
3/20/2015, Nature Coast UUC, Citrus Springs
10/30/2015, ICNEF, Jacksonville FL
10/11/2015, UUC, Gainesville FL (Click here to Listen)
6/10/15, Human Rights Lunch, Clearwater FL

Reality of Terrorism Threat & Establishing a System to Help Asylum Seekers
10/20/2015, Muslim Community of the Capital Region, Albany NY

Strengthening Our Voices, Advancing Together
10/24/2015, CAIR-NY Banquet, NY NY

“Effective Public Speaking”
7/31/2015, CAIR-CA MYLP Keynote, 
Sacramento Ca 

Eid Sermon
: Reflecting the beauty of our religion
6/16/2015, AMCC Sanford, FL

Perspective on being a Muslim in America and the Middle east
5/17/2015, Unitarian Church, Melbourne FL

"Islam 101"
4/6/2015, USF Religious Studies Club, Tampa FL
4/14/2014, USF Medical School, Tampa FL

4/3/2014, World Religions Highschool Class ( 3 Lectures), Sarasota FL
03/05/13, Beach Park Middle School ICT Visit, Tampa FL
02/20/2013, USF Islam Awareness Month, Tampa FL
05/23/2012, World Religions High School Classes (6 Lectures), Tampa FL
04/13/2012, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Sun City Center Fl
02/08/2012, USF Islam Awareness Month Kickoff, Tampa FL
11/29/2011, AP World History Highschool Classes (7 Lectures), Tampa FL
10/26/2011,USF MSA, Tampa FL10/19/2011,USF MSA, Tampa FL

Faith & Activism
3/19/2015, UC Berkeley, CA

Defending Justice
3/17/2015 San Diego State University, San Diego CA
3/15/2015, San Diego CA
3/14/2015, ICSD, San Diego CA

Balancing Activism & Spirituality
3/13/2015 ICSD, San Diego CA

"Institutionalizing American Muslim Progress"
2/14/2015, CAIR-St.Louis Banquet, St. Louis MO

"Opportunities in Every Challenge"
12/27/2014, ICNA Conference, Atlanta GA

"Overcoming the Suffering of the Ummah"
12/26/2014, ICNA Conference, Atlanta GA

"The Power & Importance of American Muslim Civic Engagement"
11/26/2014, MAPS ,Seattle WA
8/09/2014, Jama Masjid of Buffalo, NY

"Understanding Shariah and Family Law Mediation "
11/14/2014 SFL Mediators Conference, Ft. Lauderdale FL
11/03/2014, Tampa FL
8/15/2014, DRC Conference, Orlando FL
11/01/2013, Tampa FL
8/09/2013, DRC Conference, Orlando FL

"Defending Justice"
11/08/2014, CAIR-AZ Banquet, Phoenix AZ

"The New Conflict in Iraq and Syria; America's Role"
11/06/2014, SCPA, Melbourne, FL 

"Faith and Challenges of Modernity Interfaith Panel"

"President's Speaker Series: Islam, American Muslims and Civil Rights"
5/8/2014, ERAU, Daytona Beach FL

"Challenges Facing American Muslims & Civil Liberties"
4/3/2014 Diversity Club, Sarasota FL
3/11/2014, Rotary Club, Tampa FL
6/24/2013, Hillsborough County Democrats, Tampa FL

"Faith and Peace"
 4/01/2014, Panel Discussion at University of Tampa Sykes Chapel, Tampa FL

"The Spiritual Dimension of Challenging Islamophobia"
 3/28/2014, Rotary Club, Tampa FL

"Diversity and American Muslims"
3/11/2014, Argosy University, Tampa FL

 "The Human Rights Mission of Prophet Muhammad PBUH"
3/01/2014, UNF, Jacksonville FL

"Islamophobia Affects Us All: Building Interfaith Understanding"
2/07/2014, Masjid al Bir, Orlando FL

"The Virgin Mary in Islam"
01/29/2014, St. Leo University, St. Leo FL

"Social Justice and Activism in Islam"
01/03/13, Chagrin Valley Islamic Center, Solon OH

"Right is Might: Developing Servant Leadership Skills"
01/02/13, Take the Lead Muslim Youth Conference, Toledo OH

"Be The Change: Islam and Social Justice"
01/02/13, Take the Lead Muslim Youth Conference, Toledo OH

"Defending Faith, Community, & Identity"
01/01/13, Toledo Muslim Community Center, Toledo OH

"Understanding Islamic Family Law For Effective Patient Communication"
10/23/2013, Psychology & Associates , Brandon FL

"Understanding The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)"
9/24/2013, Unitarian Universalists, Lakeland FL

"Islamophobia and American Civil Rights"
9/19/2013, HCC Southshore Campus, Tampa FL

"The History of Islam"
9/18/2013, HCC Brandon Campus, Tampa FL

"Understanding Islam for Better Coexistence"
9/17/2013, HCC Ybor Campus, Tampa FL

"Understanding The Quran"
9/17/2013, Unitarian Universalists, Lakeland FL

"Understanding Islam"
9/10/2013, Unitarian Universalists, Lakeland FL

"Perseverance in the Face of Islamophobia"
9/07/2013, American (While) Muslim Conference, Phoenix AZ

"The Importance of Engaging Elected Officials and Allies"
9/07/2013, American (While) Muslim Conference, Phoenix AZ

"What Will American While Muslim Mean in the Future? "
9/07/2013, American (While) Muslim Conference, Phoenix AZ

"Challenges Facing the Muslim Community in America: "FBI Surveillance Practices, Alienation and Entrapment""
9/06/2013, University of Arizona, Tucson AZ

"Upholding Our Constitution: Defending Our Faith"
4/21/2013, CAIR-OH Cleveland Annual Banquet, Cleveland OH

"Muslim Communities: The Road Ahead"
4/20/2013, Muslim Association of Cleveland East, Cleveland OH

"Defending Faith, Community & Liberty"
4/19/2013, Chagrin Valley Islamic Center, Solon OH

"Pressure Groups & Islamophobia"
11/19/20, USF College of Education, Tampa FL

"Self & Community Empowerment Through Civil Rights Advocacy"
11/15/2012, Hillsborough County Middle School, Great American Teach In (6 classes)

"Islamophobia & Challenges Facing American Muslims"
11/14/2012, Ringling College of Art & Design, Sarasota FL
10/10/2012,  World Religions High School Classes (3 Lectures), FL
11/30/2011, Ringling College of Art & Design, Sarasota FL

"Charity & The Golden Rule"
11/07/2012, St. Leo University, St. Leo FL

9/11/2012, The Sykes Chapel and Center for Faith and Freedom, University of Tampa

"Religion and Politics Panel"
8/28/2012, The Sykes Chapel and Center for Faith and Freedom, University of Tampa

 "Islam and Social Justice"
8/26/2012, Spirit of life Unitarian Universalist Church, Odessa FL

"Building a Stronger Community Through Understanding" 
08/07/2012, Orlando Community Iftar, Orlando FL

Islam & America
07/18/2012, Kiwanis Club, Tampa FL

“American Muslims: Challenges for Civil Rights”
05/15/2012, First United Church of Tampa (UCC), Tampa FL

"Participation through Grassroots political Engagement"
05/12/2012, ISNA East Zone Conference, Tampa FL

"Keepin’ it Real, Keepin’ it Halal"
05/12/2012, ISNA East Zone Conference, Tampa FL

"Muslim Community Strength Through Unity"
04/07/2012, Masjid Al-Bir Imam Council Program, Kissimmee, FL

"Islam 101/ Q & A"
04/05/2012, Polk State College, Winter Haven FL

"Faith and Politics Discussion Panel "
03/14/2012, St. Petersburg College, Seminole FL

"Get to Know Your Muslim Neighbor" 
02/10/2012, Islamic Community of Tampa, Tampa FL

"Islam's Message of Mercy and Diversity"
02/10/2012, Masjid Al-Bir, Orlando, FL

“Sacred Quotes on Islam & The Enivornment”
02/04/2012, Grace Lutheran Church, Tampa FL

“Remembering the Homeless that Died”
 12/21/2011, Joe Chillura Courthouse Square in downtown, Tampa FL

"Enriching our Children through Education"
12/17/2011, UAF Annual Banquet, Tampa FL

"Islamophobia & Protecting Our Rights"
12/10/2011, Masjid Zakariyya, Buffalo NY

"Appreciating & Preserving our Freedom"
12/04/2011, MLFA Benefit, Tampa FL

"Islam: Beliefs, History, and Misconceptions"
12/01/2011, Strayer University, Tampa FL

"American Muslims: Striving for Excellence"
11/17/2011, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor MI

"Islamophobia and Protecting Our Rights"
11/16/2011, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor MI

"Prince Among Slaves: Panel Discussion"
11/14/2011, The Palladium, St. Petersburg FL

"Protecting Our Liberty"
11/13/2011, Friends of CAIR Appreciation Dinner, Tampa FL

"Importance of American Muslim Youth Civic Engagement"
11/02/2011, UAF, Tampa FL

"Meditation & Spirituality in Islam"
10/26/2011,USF Sarasota Campus,  Sarasota FL

"Challenges Facing American Muslims"
10/05/2011, USF Cross-Cultural Diversity Course,  Tampa FL

"Remembering the Victims of Terrorism"
9/11/2011, 9/11 10th Anniversary, STRAZ Performing Arts Center, Tampa FL

"Peace through Unity"
09/10/2011, 9/11 Remembrance, Islamic Community of Tampa, FL

"Protecting the Rights of American Muslims"
06/24/2011, Ibadurrahman Masjid, Tampa FL

"Death & Dying in World Religions"
04/18/2011, University at Buffalo School of Social Work, Buffalo NY

"Islam v. Terrorism: Debunking the Myths"
03/31/2011, University at Buffalo, Buffalo NY

"Is Islam a Religion of Peace?"
02/28/2011, First Presbyterian Church of Youngstown, Youngstown NY

"Islamophobia & Challenges Facing American Muslims"
01/27/2011, Erie County Bar Association: Human Rights Committee, Buffalo NY

“Muslims in the US and the NYC Islamic Center Controversy”
10/21/2010, Lancaster High School, Lancaster, NY

“Islam & the West: History and Spirituality”
1/20/2010, Clarence Central High School (13 Classes), Clarence, NY
11/08/2009, Clarence Central High School (3 Classes), Clarence, NY
01/14/2009, Clarence Central High School (13 classes), Clarence, NY
12/11/2008, Williamsville North High School (2 classes), Williamsville, NY
11/20/2008, Clarence Central High School (4 classes), Clarence, NY
04/24/2008, Williamsville North High School (3 classes), Williamsville, NY

“Your Rights at The Border”
07/01/2009, Erie County Bar Association & VLP, Buffalo, NY

“Immigration after 9/11 Documentary and Panel Discussion”
10/07/2008, Center for the Arts, University at Buffalo
04/09/2008, Center for the Arts, University at Buffalo
02/07/2008, Hallwalls, Buffalo, NY

“Racial Profiling”
11/30/2007, West Seneca West High School, Orchard Park, NY

“Islam and Muslims in the US”
04/25/05, World Religions Class, Williamsville North High School

 “Just War and America’s Presence in The Middle East”
11/27/2007, Three hour seminar for Power and Social Policy, University at Buffalo

“Building a Strong Community”
02/24/2007, MSA Youth Conference, University at Buffalo

“Humanities Responsibility Towards Peace and Justice”
11/11/2006 University at Buffalo

"America and Islam"
2006 Kuftaro Institution, Damascus, Syria

"Issues of US-Canadian Border Crossing for American Muslims"
1/31/05 MPAC Annual Conference, University at Buffalo

"Muslim Youth and their Challenges and Experiences"
04/08/05, Muslim Family Night, Islamic Society of Niagara Frontier

"Islam and Muslims in the US"  
04/25/05, World Religions Class, Williamsville North High School