What They Say about Hassan

John O'Keeffe 
Br. Hassan Shibly is trying to wake up the Muslims to our responsibilities here in the USA. We are taking for granted the liberties that we enjoy. We need to make a committee of intelligent young American Muslims to help CAIR to defend us.
Larry Goldbaum, host of “Prescription Addiction Radio Show: Breaking the Silence”: 
Hassan Shibly is reaching out to the community to bring understanding and dialogue this community needs. Hassan Shibly has demonstrated to me only positive comments and actions for this community. Hassan Shibly has illustrated compassion and caring for our entire community 
 Walter Ruby, Foundation for Ethnic Understanding  (www.FFEU.org):
Hassan seems like a fine young person dedicated to the vision of a peaceful, kind and humane Islam in close communion with the other Abrahamic faiths and I salute him for his efforts. 
Charles Lamb, Former Regional Minister for the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the Northeastern Region and current assistant minister at the First Presbyterian Church of Youngstown, N.Y:
Hassan is brilliant, courteous, eager to promote understanding,...He and I were able to develop trust to the point that we could be blunt, almost offensive, but totally frank without animosity or harm to our relationship. 

Rev. Dr. Bernice Powell Jackson , President of the North American region of the World Council of Churches and pastor of First United Church of Tampa:
We should be giving an award to CAIR, both here in Tampa and across this nation, for the work you are doing, not just on behalf of the Muslim community but on behalf of us all. For every time you challenge stereotypes or discrimination on behalf of Muslims, you challenge them on behalf of us all. As an African American who has been involved in working for justice in this nation for many, many years, I know how important it is that our nation live up to the ideals we espouse. We can’t just talk the talk, we must walk the walk. So thank you for helping us to be a better nation.
The Tampa Tribune:
The nonprofit organization's [CAIR Tampa's] mission is to enhance the understanding of the Islamic religion, encourage dialogue, protect civil liberties, empower American Muslims and build coalitions that promote justices and mutual understanding.
Shibly intends to do just that by focusing on network opportunities and outreach programs that promote an accurate image of Islam; working with the media to answer their questions; educating the Muslim community about their rights and responsibilities and, above all, protecting our Bill of Rights.

Rebecca Dolan, Williamsville North High School
Their presentation on Muslim beliefs is phenomenal, engaging and very important to this generation of students. The representatives are well acquainted with teaching children of all ages. Children are free to ask any questions at all, even very sensitive or difficult questions about terrorism, women in Islam and stereotypes. This gives our students the opportunity to find out what is real about our friends, colleagues and Neighbors that are Muslim. This is an excellent opportunity that I sincerely hope more teachers will get involved in.